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We support the specialized technology for the improvement of productivity
and quality of the world best compressor of Donghwa Pneutec.

Technology development in process

  • Next generation compressor with high performance and high reliability
  • Small sized customized compressor aiming at Chinese market
  • Instrument for offshore plant
  • High pressure screw compressor
  • Super high pressure compressor for breath
  • Auto drain trap of marine compressor and Checker

Technology possessed

  • Localization of air compressor and air dryer
  • Localization of Helium Holz resonator for reciprocating type air compressor
  • Jig manufacturing during heat treatment and process improvement heat treatment spot reduction technology
  • Dynamic absorber for reciprocating compressor and balance-weight application technology
  • Non-vibration water-cooled large air compressor for 8500 TEU ship
  • Localization of high strength aluminium piston of air compressor for super large ship
  • Screw compressor for ship
  • Check valve with high durability for reciprocating compressor
  • Localization of head gasket of large-sized water-cooled compressor
  • Auto drain trap and checker of marine compressor
  • Localization of refrigerant compressor for Marine Diesel Engine SOx reduction device
  • Oil free and inverter type screw compressor
  • Next generation compact compressor