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Since founded in 1974,

we have supplied the best air compressor that satisfies the requirements of customers all over the world based on the best technical capabilities and knowhow accumulated over several decades. We also produce air compressor for small ship as well as large container line, SVLCC, FPSO, DRILL Ship and special ships and general industrial compressor.

We have developed

the non-vibration air compressor for ship first in the world and obtained the patent and the quality and performance was authorized through the actual loading and operation in the ship. Nex-series developed from 2010 has been distributed through our dealers all over the country and also various industrial screw compressor, inverter and oil-free screw compressor are being produced and distributed.

Through the development

of refrigerant compressor for MGO Cooling unit to reduce SOx of engine and the development of gas compressor for special test, fuel gas compressor and pump according to the increase of use for the fuel gas engine, we are striving to enter the new market based on our accumulated technical capabilities and also concentrating in the research and production activity.