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  • Industrial Compressor

    Compressed air, like electricity, is an essential power source for all industries. It is non-environmentally polluting, safe from explosion and ignition, and easy to store and transport; therefore, it is being used in various fields including construction, tools, chemicals, steel, food, and semiconductors.

    DongHwa Pneutec’s industrial compressors are being provided and used in various product groups such as oil free or oil injection; screw or piston; air cooled or water cooled; and others meeting both the pressure and volume customers need.
  • Plant Compressors

    The specifications of the compressor in the fields of on shore and off shore are very particular. Many compressor manufacturers are trying to enter this market, but the markets development for this field is not easy.

    Donghwa Pneutec’s compressors for plants are being supplied and used for various on shore and off shore fields such as FPSOs, SEMI SUBMERSIBLE RIGs, and DRILL SHIPs as well as a variety of domestic and international power plants.
  • Marine Compressors

    Compressors, which are essential equipment to start ship’s engine, should be manufactured based on technology ensuring high reliability in terms of durability and safety of products, for the ships cannot operate when failure occurs to this product.

    Donghwa Pneutec’s marine compressors not only occupy the highest market share in the world market, but they have also been used for ballast water treatment systems, air lubrication system for fuel-efficiency recently.