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Since its foundation in 1974, as the manufacturer of air compressor & related product for the marine, petro-chemical and power generation industry, DongHwa Pneutec has been focused on research & development, product performance improvement as well as new product development while establishing the most competitive facilities and production processes.

The expert of air compressor with the advanced research and development capability and outstanding ability, DongHwa Pneutec achieved the air compressed system technology and skilled manufacturing technology to serve the highly efficiency and high quality products to our customers. The excellent service of DongHwa Pneutec makes the end-user easy to use our products for long period of time.

Consequently, the global market competitiveness was achieved, and we supply our products to the top shipbuilders and power plant and so on. Moreover, the assertive management and high-quality strategy allowed us to develop foreign markets, so that we directly exported our products to owner in abroad and it became a source of foreign exchanges.

The ‘compressed air’ is an essential part of all industry and every people looks for life in clean and pleasant environment. So, we are keeping customer’s satisfaction as our top priority, we will continue our utmost efforts to conduct researches. We will make an effort to contribute growth of local economy and technology development in related industries.